Monday, 4 July 2016

Lesson Plan


School                         : Rio Elementary School        
Subject                                    : English         
Unit                             : SHAPES
Class / Semester          : V / 2
Time                            : 1 x 45 minutes

Standard of Competencies
Students can get stated information from an oral text.
Basic Competencies       :
            Students can get stated information about Shapes from an oral text.
Indicator                      :
·         Students can answer questions orally
·         Students can identify specific information from oral direction
Purpose of Study :
·         Students hopefully can answer questions orally
·         Students hopefully can choose the most correct picture relates to the shapes

1.      Main Material
·        Pictures of shapes
2.      Methods of Teaching: Listening for information
3.      Steps of Study
Pre Activity
·         Introducing the kinds shapes
·         Describing the purpose of study
Main Activity
·         Matching the direction with the pictures
Last Activity
·         Practicing on students’ activity book
1.      Sources/Tools:
·         Internet
·         Source Book
2.      Assessment and Follow Up
Assessment Procedure
Type                : Examination
Form                : Written Test
Technique        : Demonstration
Form                : Performance

Form                : Exploring Students’ Behavior

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