Sunday, 3 July 2016


Oci       : [knock the door] Assalamualaikum…
Nur       : Wa’alaikumsalam..Wait a minute [open the door] Heeey, my lovely friend, Rossi. Where
  have you been?
Oci       : Long time no see. I miss you so bad.
Nur       : Well, let’s sit down. Make yourself at home.
Oci       : Thank you
Nur       : What do you want for a drink? A coffee? Or a tea?
Oci       : No, thanks.
Nur       : Mmmh, where is Rio? I thought he came with you.
Oci       : Rio? Who is he?
Nur       : He is our friend in elementary school. When we played hide and seek, he used to hide in
  the teacher room. Do you remember him?
Oci       : Hem, yeah I remember him. He used to play the football at sport center in the afternoon.
Nur       : Where is he now? Do you have Rio’s phone number?
Oci       : Yes, sure.
Nur       : Call him now, Oci.
Oci       : Okay, wait a minute.
(At the Phone)
Oci       : Hi, Rio. Where are you now?
Rio       : Hem, who is it?
Oci       : I was your friend in elementary school, do you remember me, Rio?
Rio       : Wait a second.. [thinking] any clue?
Oci       : Okay, we used to play hide and seek together.
Rio       : Are you Darminih?
Oci       : No. Guess it again. I give you another clue, you used to go to my house when you had a
  problem with your girlfriend.
Rio       : Oh, I remember you. Are you Oci?
Oci       : Yes, you’re right. Rio, would you like to come to Nur’s house?
Rio       : Right now?
Oci       : Yes, of course.
Rio       : Okay, I’ll be there.
Nur       : See you.
[Rio knocks the door]
Nur       : It’s him.
Oci       : Come in, please. Hey Rio, how’s life?
Rio       : Not too bad. How about you?
Oci       : Very well.
Nur       : Let’s sit down. It’s very surprising me, I think we can’t sit together again like before when
              Oci moved to Jakarta several years ago.
Oci       : Yes, unbelievable.
Nur       : By the way, Oci where did you use to spend your vacations?
Oci       : I used to spend my vacation at my grandmother’s house, but she passed away three years
  ago. Now, I have spent my vacation at my apartment in Singapore.
Nur       : Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.
Oci       : How about you, Nur?
Nur       : I have spent my vacation in Ciamis.
Rio       : Wow, what have you done there?
Nur       : I have visited my big family there.
Oci       : What a nice vacation! And how about you?
Rio       : I used to spend my vacation to look for a part-time job. Did you ever have a part-time job
  in Jakarta?
Oci       : No, never. My parents didn’t allow me to have a part-time job.
Nur       : Did you use to have a nickname, Oci?
Oci       : Yes, my nickname was Luna
  By the way, I am starving guys!
Rio       : me too.
Nur       : Sorry, I don’t have any foods.
Rio       : Okay, let’s go to the nearest Restaurant here.
Oci       : Good idea! Let’s go, let’s go….

Nur       : Okay, let’s go.

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