Tuesday, 21 June 2016



Alhamdulillahirabilalamin. Thanks to Allah SWT, by his blessing, mercy and permission, the writer is able to finish this Paper entitled “Improving Students’ Motivation in Speaking English through Collaborative Learning”.
This paper is submitted as partial fulfillment of requirement for Sarjana Pendidikan degree of English Department of Faculty of Teachers Training and Education Science of Wiralodra University Indramayu. This paper is aimed to know whether collaborative learning to speak English is effective to improve students’ motivation or not.
The writer realizes that this paper is still far from being perfect. This is caused by limitation of his knowledge. Therefore the writer is willing to welcome any constructive critics to make this paper better. However, the writer hopes this paper useful for the writer his self, reader in general.

Indramayu,  Januari 2015

The Writer

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