Friday, 24 June 2016

Making Appointment

(On the phone)
Ihsan   : Hello, are you Rio Barnetta?
Rio       : Yes, Of course. Who is it?
Ihsan   : Oh, I am a customer, my name is Ihsan. I would like to order your T-shirt
Rio       : Hem, what is code product of it?
Ihsan   : It is 17760, the color is yellow
Rio       : Okay, I will check it. If it is available, I will send a message to you, or you
  can wait it.
Ihsan   : Yeah, I will wait it.
Rio       :Okay wait a minute…… Oh, it is available. Do you want it?
Ihsan   : Absolutely. How much is it?
Rio       : It is one hundred thousand rupiahs, but it doesn’t include the postage.
  The postage depends on the area.
Ihsan   : I come from Indramayu. So, how much are all of them?
Rio       : It is just one hundred and five thousand rupiahs.
Ihsan   : Oh, it is so cheap. How to pay all of them?
Rio       : You can transfer to my account in bank BRI.
Ihsan   : Oh, what a pity. I don’t have any account. Can we meet in somewhere?
Rio       : Yes, we can meet in sport center at 4 o’clock.
Ihsan   : Yes, I’ll be there. Can you carry your T-shit couple too when I pay you on
Rio       : Oh, it absolutely not.
Ihsan   : Why? So, when will I receive my order?
Rio       : Because, it is not ready stock. You must pay the first, after that the
  clothes will be sent to your house
Ihsan   : How long is it?
Rio       : It is about two until four days after the transaction.
Ihsan   : Hem, it doesn’t matter. Okay see you on there, Rio Barnetta.

Rio       : Okay, see you too

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